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Do you want to know who the 'scientists' are who are doing the criticising of Panorama's programme on WiFi?

Prof Malcolm Sperrin, Director of medical physics and clinical engineering, Royal Berkshire NHS
Trust. We could not find anything other than this link with the notorious Science Media Centre
So, that's where the Guardian and the BBC online get their scientists from... Two of its major corporate funders are Vodafone and the Mobile Operators Association!

Prof Will J Stewart UCL and University of Southampton
( )
Member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Communication Sector Panel
he is also a member of the IEEE. Previously chief scientist at Marconi - a large Telecoms firm.
here is a link to some of the staff he was working on at Marconi

Dr Paddy Regan, University of Surrey, Guildford Lecturer in nuclear and radiation physics
His expertise is clearly in the ionising part of the spectrum (i.e. NOT microwaves or WiFi). Why they
wheel him out to comment on Wi-Fi is a mystery to us

Yes, he is the same Prof David Coggan indeed. He is a member of the Medical Research Council Epidemiology. He seems to always be wheeled out when it comes to minimising the potential
health effects of any pollutant. Last year it was antimony in plastic water bottles
A few years back, it was pesticides. He was the Chairman of the Independent Advisory Committee on Pesticides: ( )
current members of this body are listed here ( )
He ws also involved in at least one study financed by the MTHR in a supervisory role
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