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A new study of Study of 13,000 children has just been published indicating a probable link between a pregnant mother using a mobile phone and the child born subsequently having behavioural problems. The study correlation was 80% or so.

The study stated that "Exposure to cell phones prenatally-and, to a lesser degree, postnatally-was associated with behavioral difficulties such as emotional and hyperactivity problems around the age of school entry. These associations may be noncausal and may be due to unmeasured confounding. If real, they would be of public health concern given the widespread use of this technology."
The PubMed article can be found [ here ]

This was first reported by the Independent on Sunday of 18th May 2008 "Warning: Using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby"
The Daily Mail of 19th May 2008 reported "Pregnant women who use mobile phones are 'more likely to have children with behavioural problems', say scientists"

The Daily Telegraph of 19th May 2008 reported "Mobile phone use linked to behavioural problems in children"

Disappointingly, the BBC, The Guardian and The Times ignored this important study.
Sindy Sage, editor of the BioInitiative Report comments "It would not be surprising that cell phone use by mothers-to-be can trigger inflammatory conditions leading to altered brain development in the fetus, which in turn might lead to behavioral disorders later in the child." [ read more here ]