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Working with the Radiation Research Trust, Wired Child, and ES-UK, MCS-Aware have started a national campaign to protect the health of children and people with  Electro-Sensitivity (ES). We need 100,000 signatures online or on paper petitions by April 2012. The campaign is vital to raise awareness of Electro-Sensitivity which affects as you know approximately 3% of the population, including people with ME and MCS.

As you may know the Government are planning to install Smart Meters in every home, school and workplace in the UK to provide real-time monitoring of your gas and electricity. The meters will transmit your personal information every 30 minutes via pulsed microwaves to a hub in the street which will pass the information on to a new central Data and Communications Company. Some areas have already started installation. The scheme raises concerns about privacy, security and health.

Say NO to Wireless smart meters! We are campaigning to demand a fibre optic network with optional wired Home Area Networks. This is really imprtant; if the present wireless scheme goes ahead many people with ES will simply become homeless as they will not be able to adequately shield their own homes! I know many people this has already happened to because of the phone mast infrastructure - they lost their jobs and homes. More and more people are developing ES each year. Worryingly, smart meters emit much higher levels of radiation than mobile phones.

Unfortunately not many people are interested in the plight of those with ES but we do all care about our families. There is NO long term testing of the effect of this kind of radiation (smart meter network) on children. The accumulation of constant electro-magnetic radiation across the entire country is a living experiment; those who are vulnerable will suffer increasing levels of illness and behavioural problems. Recent scientific reports have indicated a link with cancer, leukaemia, heart disease, diabetes and ADHD. Please see the website for more information and supporting research:

Posters and fliers are available on the website. I would be grateful if you felt able to support us as we need 100,000 signatures by April 2012. Signatures can be online - or on the paper petition downloaded at