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All 600 pages of BioInitiative at No 10 Downing Street
Yasmin hands over the BioInitiative Report to No 10

At 1pm on 12th December 2007 The BioInitiative Report was officially handed over to Number 10 Downing Street. In years to come this may be viewed as an occasion as momentous as the Moon Landing was - or maybe it will be yet another missed opportunity.

In our opinion no ordinarily intelligent person can read parts of the BioInitiative Report and say that there is nothing to worry about. The BioInitiative Report has created a paradigm shift [immense change] in the way that the issue is now viewed. Now the usual chant "safe because of ICNIRP" just doesn't work. Those who say it are either stupid or paid to say it.

Gordon Brown was absent at the time concentrating on the war in Afghanistan at the time so one of his departmental secretaries accepted the Report.

The accompanying letter to the 600-page document was as follows:-

Rt Honourable Gordon Brown MP

Prime Minister,

10 Downing Street,



Dear Prime Minister,

We call upon you to act on the information contained in the accompanying copy of The Bioinitiative Report as an urgent public health issue.

The BioInitiative Report is a review of 2000 studies of bioeffects and adverse health effects of non-ionising radiation (electromagnetic fields (EMFs) including extremely-low frequency ELF-EMF and radiofrequency (RF) / microwave or RF-EMF fields). The conclusion is that public exposure guidelines for emissions from mobile phone masts, Wi-fi and other mobile/wireless devices are set too high to protect public health. There are now plausible mechanisms for why microwaves cause illness at levels way below the current microwave radiation (ICNIRP) guidelines, which only cover heating effects and thus do not adequately protect against the biological non-heating effects seen.

It is not only cancers and brain tumours that are of concern. The Report offers evidence that a very large range of illnesses and other adverse health effects are linked to mobile phone technology. This year the Swedish and German authorities have put the health of their nations ahead of profits for their own mobile phone companies - they are issuing warnings to reduce exposure. We ask you to instruct the Chief Medical Officer and the Health Protection Agency to issue warnings to the public and ensure that public exposure limits are reduced immediately. Otherwise, the Government will be responsible for the huge health crisis that will occur in years to come. In time, those responsible in Government will be held to account for their continuing lack of action on this issue, continuing to fail to protect its citizens from the health hazards of EMFs.

Yours sincerely,

Mast Sanity