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Please read and support the following petition to acknowledge ES/EHS in the UK:-

The petition reads:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ask you to investigate fully the plight of increasing numbers of people who have become electro-sensitive (ES) or electro-hypersensitive (EHS) in the UK due to electricity or the new pulsed microwave radiation technologies such as TETRA, mobile phones and masts, WiFi, radar, cordless phones and a host of “wireless” gadgets.

We also ask you to:

1. Demand independent research into this “FUNCTIONAL IMPAIRMENT CAUSED BY ENVIRONMENTAL TRIGGERS” - which does have a distinguishing feature from other illnesses/conditions with similar symptoms i.e. the ES/EHS CAN AND DO recover if they are isolated from the cause(s) of the sensitivity.

2. Demand monitoring by personnel trained or researching in this field who are aware of the effects of pulsed microwave radiation/electricity.

3 Ensure that the Human Rights of the ES/EHS are observed fully and recognise electro-sensitivity as a disability in the UK, as in Canada and Sweden.

4 Provide safe zones so that the ES/EHS have places to recover/live in OR replace pulsed microwave radiation with a safer technology.

Please look at and sign the following petition to support the BioInitiative Report:-

Please also remember to support the Wi-fi Petitions whilst you are at the PM's site:-
Please look at and sign the following petition to remove Wi-fi from schools.
Please also look at and sign the following petition to remove the wi-fi mesh from Glastonbury town centre - especially if you live in, near or intend to visit the town.