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Times 27.9.08
Will using a mobile phone really cause brain cancer?
New research suggests that using a phone increases your risk of cancer, but
the numbers tell a different story
Mark Henderson
Daily Mail
Saturday, September 27 2008
Why your mobile should carry a health warning like cigarette packets because
of brain cancer risk
By Barry Wigmore
Daily Mail
We can't ignore the links between mobile phones and cancer like we did with
tobacco, top scientists tell U.S. Congress
By Barry Wigmore
26th September 2008

Daily Telegraph Saturday 27.09.2008  - On Page 14 'News in Brief' of printed
Phone Cancer Risks
The risk of mobile phones causing cancer must not be ignored, scientists
have told a US congressional committee.
They link the situation with the failure of tobacco companies to acknowledge
the danger posed by tobacco for 50 years.
Science & Technology
The Interphone study Mobile madness
Sep 25th 2008
The threat to human health from mobile phones, if any, is much disputed. A
shame, then, that a massive multinational study on the question has ended in
Science & Technology
Electrosensitivity Mind your phone
Sep 25th 2008
Remaining Mute, Cell Phone Execs Refuse to Appear Before Congress
Industry Group a No-Show at Hearing On Whether or Not There is a Link
Between Cell Phones and Cancer
September 25, 2008
Scientists debate possible cell phone link to brain cancer
September 26, 2008
By Elizabeth Landau
Bringing a growing health concern to Congress, scientists
squared off Thursday over whether cell phones contribute to brain
1st October
The One Show
Are mobile phones safe?
For The One Show Marty Jopson has been investigating the scare stories
around using a mobile phone.
Marty concludes that mobile phones don't cause brain tumours - but studies are ongoing.