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This strategy is a big lose-lose situation for the UK as a whole in these difficult times.

Firstly, we get more Mobile Phone Masts in dense residential areas with all the extremely serious health issues that they bring with them. 

Secondly, if the UK is ever to keep up with other industrialised nations with faster and better optical cable internet connections for HD TV on demand we need more money invested in high speed cable networks - NOT more wireless networks. If BT and Virgin Media lose customers to the Mobile Phone Operators there will be less money available for investment in next-generation cable.[e.g. Virgin Media now off 50 Mbs in some areas - 3 to 6 times faster than "Mobile Internet" ]

Thirdly, if the Mobile Phone Operators succeed in making "Mobile Internet" hugely popular you can expect no escape from 3G signals - or Mobile Phone Masts - anywhere. The extra "Electrosmog" and the extra electrical power demands from all the extra Mobile Phone Masts will add to global warming and pollution within the environment.

If you don't want another set of Mobile Phone Masts put up near to your home you need to persuade your friends and family to ditch their "dongles".