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1. Please support the online petition to replace WiFI in schools with safer hard-wired versions.  Please click here .

2. Also, EU MEP's Elizabeth Lynne, Kathy Sinnott and Carl Schlyter have tabled awritten Declaration no. 47/2009 on the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields resulting from the use of wireless technology.

Authors of current Written Declarations receive an updated signatories list from e-mailbox 'Déclarations écrites ' on Monday afternoon in Strasbourg, Wednesday morning in Brussels and on Friday morning after the sessions.   An updated signatories list during the EU sessions can be provided individually upon request.  No updating of the signatories list will take place between

Radiation Research Trust trustee Liz Lynne MEP and her colleagues Kathy Sinnott and Carl Schlyter have submitted this
very important written Declaration and urge you to encourage your MEP's to support the important Declaration.  The Declaration is available in many languages.

The EU has a list of all MEPs in UK here. It's extremely quick to send an email to your MEP's by going to