Mast Sanity now produce a professional doctors pack for distribution to GPs, specialists and other medically qualified people.

Currently Doctors have very little access (unless they specifically look for it) to the information regarding health effects as a result of mobile phone technology. The vast majority of professional medical websites(UK) point directly to the NRPB for information on any radiation or electromagnetic pollution. We all know how we feel about the NRPB's position!

We aim to change this.

The Doctors pack currently contains:

  • Freiberger Appeal
  • How EMF's, Mobile Phones and their transmission Masts DO affect our health. A brief synopsis of the dangers of EMFs and mobile phone masts and how they can affect our health Compiled by Steve Gamble
  • EMFacts Consultancy – a Brief History
  • Hyland Report – Existing Safety Guidelines are Inadequate - November 2000
  • Hyland Report How Exposure to Radiation can effect Health – September 2003
  • Research on effects – “Radio Wave Packetâ€?
  • Santini Study
  • Presentation for Consultant Oncologists – Birmingham 7th July 2003 by Barrie Trower
  • Report from Russia – Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health - February 2003
  • Article on results of Finnish Study - July 2002
  • Biographies of Dr Hyland and Barrie Trower

Unfortunately due to cost of printing etc we have to ask for an upfront donation of £12.00 to cover printing, binding and postage.

Mast Sanity gain no profit from the production of the Doctors pack.