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We are the primary national organisation opposing the insensitive siting of mobile phone and Tetra masts in the UK. Read more...

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Mast Sanity
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We offer timely advice and support to local campaigns and aim to provide that information "one stop shop" that all new mast campaigners need.
  • Building a national network of mobile phone mast / TETRA campaign information across the UK.
  • Regularly informing your parliamentary representatives attempting to persuade them to do something about this ridiculous situation.
  • Approaching Government and meeting with Government ministers to pressure them into changing legislation
  • Writing to landowners wherever necessary explaining how they may have been hoodwinked by the operators excellent PR team.
  • Writing to councils saying exactly how they can turn down mast applications
  • Educating councillors across the country to stand up to the might of the mobile phone industry and Government.
  • Supporting and advising on legal action by local campaign groups.
  • Supporting and advising those already blighted by masts
  • Encouraging increased public awareness of the worrying health issues relating to mobile phone technology.
  • We are just ordinary people in ordinary homes with a variety of political opinions. We are not "greenies" or highly experienced activists.  Just normal, educated, therefore concerned individuals who want to get change ASAP