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iii Sue Webster was quoted in Canceractive’s ICON magazine in January 2003 article


'Sue Webster, a psychotherapist and nutritionist, is the first and only
person to collect evidence from all the 14 UK clusters and visit homes with
an AcousticOM instrument that translates pulsing EMRs into noise. "When I
started out I expected the microwave power levels would be higher in places
where there were a lot of cancers. I have visited hundreds of houses and
found that this is not the case. It's the pulsing that is far more intense
in these houses. My first experience of violent pulsing was in three
Gainsborough houses where four people had cancer. You could hardly hear
yourself speak. These houses were directly opposite and about 100 metres
from a mast which was installed seven years ago with six antennas and two
microwave dishes." There are six other cases of cancer within 200 metres,
including 10 year-old Ryan Petch who has non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and a 30
year old currently in remission from leukaemia.'

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xxx Goldsworthy email to Bioelectromagnetic Society after his Newsnight Interview 4 May 2007:-


"Hello All,

I was asked as a scientist to give a recorded interview for a BBC "Newsnight" programme on the safety of Wi-Fi in schools. I was subjected to hostile questioning (which I expected) but I was surprised to find that they were not at all interested in the science. The official line in the UK seems to be that there are no known mechanisms that can explain any deleterious effects on health and they would prefer not to have their views disturbed by scientific facts.

When I pointed out in the interview that there was now firm scientific evidence of serious effects on health and fertility from mobile phones (which share similar technologies with Wi-Fi) and some of this could be related to experimentally proven damage to DNA, the interview was brought to an abrupt end. I was escorted politely to my waiting taxi and advised that very little of the interview would be broadcast.

Instead the bulk of the science slot in the programme was given over to "scientists" offering soothing words about how little danger Wi-Fi presented because the signal level was lower than that from mobile phones. But to say that Wi-Fi is safe just because the signal is lower than that from mobile phones is meaningless unless they can also specify what a safe level is, and they have not established this. Despite this serious omission, they went on to say that any research to discover the health risks from Wi-Fi "should be given a very low priority.

So there we have it, it is down to our non-consenting children to act as guinea pigs to test the technology in the class room. The proposal by Lawrie Challis that the effects on their health may be monitored offers no comfort to their parents.

If anyone reading this wants to have a more detailed scientific explanation of how weak electromagnetic fields affect living organisms, it can be found at tinyurl . It is free for any member of the public to download and copy as many times as they want.

Best wishes


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